How do I get housing at EBALDC?

In order to live in one of EBALDC’s Below Market Rate (BMR)/Affordable Housing or Project Based Voucher (PBV) units, you must apply to be on the corresponding waiting lists when it is open to new applicants. EBALDC will announce upcoming openings on our website, social media, and through other marketing efforts.

What are income limits for affordable housing?

Income limits are determined annually via California’s Home and Community Development guidelines, though most of EBALDC’s housing serves households below 60% Area Median Income (AMI.) For example, in 2016, a four person household at 60% AMI in Oakland would have an annual income of $58,500 per year or less. For specific information on income limits and eligibility in our housing, contact us at 510.287.5353.

How much is rent?

Rent varies from building to building, unit to unit. For specific rental costs, please contact the site you’re interested in.

What is the difference between Below Market Rate (BMR) units and Project Based Voucher (PBV) units?

Our BMR/Affordable Housing units have fixed rents that are lower than Market Rate Housing rents. Applicants must qualify based on income, occupancy and other regulatory restrictions in order to live in these units. EBALDC also accepts Housing Choice Vouchers for its BMR units.

PBV units have subsidies administered by the City and/or County Housing Authority where rent is 30% of the household income. Applicants must qualify under income, occupancy and other regulatory restrictions including the Housing Authority’s in order to live in these units. Applicants do not need their own Housing Choice/Section 8 Voucher to live in these units.

What is EBALDC’s “Annual Marketing List”?

The Annual Marketing List is the online leasing database/waiting list for EBALDC’s Below Market Rate (BMR) units. It is part of our pre-application process that allows applicants to apply to more than one building at a time.

The Marketing List is renewed every year. At the end of each Annual Marketing List period, the list is archived and no longer used to lease units that become vacant. A new Marketing List opens for new applications and any applicants on the previous list must reapply to be considered for vacant BMR units. This generally occurs in the month of April.

What is the difference between the Annual Marketing List and the PBV waiting lists?

The Annual Marketing List is the waiting list for EBALDC’s Below Market Rate (BMR) units. All vacant BMR units are leased through this.

EBALDC’s other lists are site-based Project Based Voucher (PBV) waiting lists. The PBV waiting lists are used at our properties to lease their PBV units. All vacant PBV units are leased through these site-based waiting lists.

How long are EBALDC’s waiting lists?

EBALDC’s waiting lists are generally very long. The time to reach the top of the list varies depending on the building and unit type. We cannot predict when a unit will become available or when you will be called for a vacant unit.

Can I pick up a pre-application at EBALDC’s headquarters?

Our main office does not distribute pre-applications unless the opening announcement says that our main office is a pick up/drop off location. Please read the announcements for application pick up/drop off location and specific instructions.

What happens to my pre-application after I turn it in?

Your pre-application is dated and time stamped by EBALDC’s Property Management department. If complete, your pre-application is eligible to be added to the list(s). The order and how many households will be added to the list is determined by the specific property’s requirements. If you are eligible for an available unit and are at the top of the list, you will be contacted by our Property Management department for an interview. All applicants must meet income limit guidelines and family composition regulations to become residents of our buildings (see Eligibility Restrictions and Tenant Selection Criteria).

Will I be removed from a list if I refuse a unit?

If you are offered a unit in a building you have applied for and choose to refuse that unit, you might either maintain your position on the building waitlist or be removed from the waitlist. The process will vary depending on the list you have applied to. We encourage you to ask questions of our Property Management department when you are ready to make a decision.

How can I check my pre-application status?

You can check your pre-application status by calling our main office at 510.287.5353 or by calling the building manager where you applied.

How do I update my contact information on a pre-application I already submitted?

If you change your address, phone number, income or household member status, it is your responsibility to update EBALDC in writing. Submit written updates to our main office at:

Attention: Updates
1825 San Pablo Ave, Suite 200
Oakland, CA 94612

Applicants to the 2017 Annual Marketing List may use this update form for convenience.

What EBALDC Properties have Below Market Rate (BMR) units and are included in the Annual Marketing List?

The list of the properties that use the Annual Marketing List to lease their BMR units is below:

  • Avalon Senior Housing
  • Effie’s House
  • Frank G Mar Community Housing
  • Giant Road Apartments
  • Hismen Hin-Nu Terrace
  • Hugh Taylor House
  • Lillie Mae Jones Plaza
  • Madrone Hotel
  • Marcus Garvey Commons
  • Oak Park Apartments
  • Oakland Point L.P.
  • Prosperity Place Apartments
  • San Pablo Hotel
  • Seven Directions Apartments
  • Slim Jenkins Court
  • Swan’s Market Apartments
What EBALDC Properties have Project Based Voucher (PBV) units and have site-based waiting lists?

The list of the properties that use site-based waiting lists to lease their PBV units is below.

  • California Hotel
  • Drasnin Manor
  • Effie’s House
  • Giant Road Apartments
  • Hugh Taylor House
  • Jack London Gateway Senior Housing
  • Lillie Mae Jones Plaza
  • Madison Park Apartments
  • Marcus Garvey Commons
  • Oakland Point L.P.
  • Prosperity Place Apartments
  • Seven Directions Apartments
  • Slim Jenkins Court