Tenant and Commercial Services Administrator

East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation (EBALDC) is seeking a regular full time Tenant and Commercial Services Administrator at the EBALDC Main Office located in Oakland, CA.



The Administrator, reporting to the Associate Director of Commercial Real Estate, will coordinate key projects and provide support for the following Commercial Real Estate Department areas:  Tenant Relations; Marketing and Leasing, Lease Administration, Financial Management and Department Operations.  Additionally,  the administrator will, from time to time, be assigned special projects.


Key Duties and Responsibilities:

    • Tenant Relations:
      • Tenant Requests
        • Assign and Update Desk.Com Requests Immediately upon receipt but by no later than 30 minutes, during business hours, and by 9:30 am each business day, if Request received after business hours.
        • For Emergency Requests: Alert Emergency Management Team (including Associate Director of CRE and PA), as per protocol
        • At Close of Business, distribute the summary of cases to all Department Staff.
        • Create and Distribute periodic Desk.com Reports
        • Track Satisfaction with Case Closures on Desk.com
      • Tenant Engagement and Support Activities
        • Coordinate the completion of and updates to Tenant Profiles
        • Track occurrences of Tenant Meetings
        • Track completion of Vendor Reviews (by Tenants)
        • Distribute Annual Tenant Survey, Track Results and Distribute Report
        • Support the development of and distribute the Tenant Newsletter
      • Back-Up Department Staff, periodically, as needed and as requested, during vacations and after hours
      • Prepare Related Monthly Reports, including but not limited to the following:
        • Closing Cases
        • Tenant Satisfaction
        • Case Analysis (Type, Location, etc.)
      • Complete other related requests or projects, as requested.


    • Lease Administration:
      • Maintain Tenant and Vendor Insurance Compliance
      • Schedule Lease-related Due Dates on Department Calendar
      • Maintain CRE Database on Salesforce
        • Input and Update all Tenants and Vendors
        • Input and Update all Property Information
      • Update Tenant Manuals
      • Prepare Related Monthly Reports, including but not limited to the following:
        • Rent Roll
      • Complete other related requests or projects, as requested.


    • Financial Management:
      • Invoices:
        • Scan invoices into YARDI
        • Code invoices for approval by Commercial Property Administrators (CPA)
      • Prepare and send utility bill chargeback invoice to tenants
      • Prepare Related Monthly Reports as needed.
      • Complete other related requests or projects, as requested.
      • Aging charge and prepare letters


    • Department Operations:
      • Take Department Meeting Minutes
      • Maintain Department Calendar
      • Maintain professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops; reviewing professional publications; establishing personal networks
      • Complete other related requests or projects, as requested.


    Marketing and Leasing:

    • Provide Marketing support to Leasing Broker:
      • Update and Send Flyers;
      • Update Leasing Sites;
      • Schedule tours for Broker and Confirm Appointments
    • Prepare Related Monthly Reports, including but not limited to the following:
      • Leads and Prospects
      • Market Comparables
    • Complete other related requests or projects, as requested.

Required Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  • Knowledge of office management principles, methods, and procedures to complete work assignments.
  • Knowledge of sorting/filing techniques to maintain accurate records.
  • Ability to remain professional when dealing with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Ability to manage and prioritize multiple assignments.
  • Ability to work under pressure and adjust to a diverse working environment.
  • Ability to maintain accuracy and attention to detail when completing multiple assignments.
  • Ability to work independently and carry out a variety of critical and time sensitive projects without detailed instructions.
  • Ability to work with diverse individuals to collect the necessary information.
  • Ability to track and monitor pertinent activities (e.g., help desk, emergency or urgent situations, critical correspondence) in an organized fashion
  • Ability to identify information, materials, and resources needed to complete a project or assignment.
  • Ability to maintain the confidentiality of sensitive and confidential information obtained through the course of completing assignments (e.g., any personnel related issues, projects).
  • Ability to be flexible in adapting to changes in priorities, assignments, and other interruptions, which may impact pre-established timelines and courses of action for completing projects and assignments. Ability to establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with management, staff, and internal and external stakeholders.
  • Ability to use tact and diplomacy when dealing with the needs, problems, and/or concerns of other department staff, tenants, vendors, and/or the public.
  • Ability to act as a liaison on behalf of the Department when interacting with management, staff, internal and external stakeholders to provide department specific information, answer questions, and address issues/problems raised.
  • Ability to negotiate and compromise when resolving issues involving differing opinions and viewpoints. Ability to clearly communicate ideas and information orally to various levels of audiences.
  • Knowledge of proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure to ensure that written materials prepared and reviewed are complete, concise, and error-free.
  • Ability to review and edit written materials for proper content, format, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure.
  • Ability to listen and take accurate notes based on verbal information.
  • Ability to communicate information clearly and concisely, in writing, to audiences with varying levels of understanding.
  • Ability to evaluate written materials to make recommendations for action based upon the information provided.
  • Ability to write and develop procedures that are understood by various levels of audiences using proper grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure.
  • Ability to read and interpret information and materials pertaining to department or program operations (e.g., policies and procedures, law, contracts) to apply information to program/project activities.
  • Ability to exercise sound judgment when making decisions in accordance with program or work unit goals and objectives
  • Ability to read and comprehend various documents (e.g., policies, procedures, standards, regulations, reports, contracts) to complete work assignments.
  • Ability to identify, analyze, and evaluate situations or problems to determine and implement appropriate courses of action.
  • Ability to extract relevant data and information from a larger body of material to summarize for reports and procedures.
  • Ability to reconcile discrepancies in data and information to ensure accuracy.
  • Ability to perform arithmetic computations (e.g., addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, ratios, decimals) to interpret data.
  • Knowledge of basic electronic-mail functions (email), including sending and receiving messages, attaching documents, and appending carbon copies (CC) and blind-carbon-copies (BCC).
  • Knowledge of electronic calendaring programs (e.g., Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Group Wise) for scheduling appointments and setting reminders.
  • Ability to use electronic mail software to communicate with various audiences on matters related to various project and program issues.
  • Ability to use and operate a variety of basic office equipment (e.g., copiers, calculators, telephones, fax machines) in the course of completing assigned work tasks.
  • Ability to use a computer to input data, access information, and/or create materials and documents using a variety of software applications.
  • Ability to use YARDI to process checks and invoices.
  • Ability to use Desk to create and manage cases.
  • Ability to use word processing software to prepare reports, memos, correspondence, and other job-related documents and materials.
  • Ability to use the internet to conduct on-line research and obtain information related to department policies, procedures, and resources to complete program or project activities.
  • Ability to use database software to input, organize, track, and retrieve data.
  • Ability to use spreadsheet software to compile, compute, organize, and present tables, graphs, and charts for use in reports and other tracking activities.
  • Ability to use project scheduling software (e.g., Microsoft Project) to plan, schedule, and track the progress of projects and assignments.

Physical Demands:

Essential functions of the position require the employee to use a telephone, work at a standard computer terminal and be able to follow reasonable ergonomic recommendations, sit for long periods of time, repetitive motions, stand, reach, lift and carry 20 pounds, and bend. Valid Driver’s License and current auto insurance required.  Travel to multiple sites required up to 50% of the time.

To review the full Resident Services Coordinator (LCC) job duties and apply for the position, please click the link below. Please do not call.

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Benefits and Other Information:

EBALDC offers excellent benefit. EBALDC pays up to 95% of employee premiums and 60% of dependent premiums for Medical, Dental, Vision, LTD and Life, EAP, Retirement, Paid Time Off, CA Paid Sick Leave, Holidays and Wellness Days off for all eligible employees.

**All candidates will be subject to a background check.**

EBALDC is an EOE/AA Employer