Oakland developer eyes longterm improvements for Havenscourt neighborhood

Published by East Bay Times
October 2017

OAKLAND — Tizta and Akram Dallaq dreamed of two things before opening the Dallaq Market in 2014 in East Oakland’s Havenscourt neighborhood: owning their own business, and contributing to the community’s overall health.

They had virtually no business experience, but with guidance from the East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation, they opened a store in the corporation’s Lion Creek Crossings affordable housing development and have since expanded to a second location. They hope to open a third in the coming years, and in an effort to help build a healthier community, they don’t sell tobacco or alcohol.

“I could have opened the store up on my own, but it wouldn’t be the same,” Akram Dallaq said. “They taught me the entire process. … Together we can eliminate these bad areas and open more cleaner environments.”

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