Resident Services

EBALDC offers Resident Services programs at 15 of our residential properties, serving approximately 1,400 unique residents each year. The wide range of Resident Services programs vary by building, but include: community engagement, employment support, youth programs, benefits assistance, housing stability, and quality of life assistance.
Resident Services staff work directly with property managers to ensure that our services are tailored to the specific needs of the property and the neighborhood. Supportive Services provide more intensive resident services that include case management and mental health supportive programming.
Range of Resident Services
Resident leaders Tyrone Gibbs and Madeline Spicer
Resident leaders organize events and activities for their neighbors. Residents Tyrone Gibbs and Madeline Spicer began participating in the Events Committee at Hismen Hin-Nue Terrace Apartments in 2008. As this committee starting taking on more responsibility, they started to deal with issues of property safety and resident engagement. In 2012, Tyrone and Madeline independently ran the summer lunch program serving a total of 44 youth free meals five days a week for 2.5 months. Tyrone and Madeline are now both active members of the Resident Leadership Council.
Oakland youth
Youth programming includes afterschool programs in partnership with local schools and free summer lunch that provide nutritious meals while school is not in session.
Noble Tower Senior Housing dance group
Residents participate in a wide range of recreational activities, such as this dance group at Noble Tower Senior Housing.
Resident Services staff with Oakland communities
Resident Services staff work with residents to organize community events, such as National Night Out
Jack London Gateway Senior Housing mural project
Residents of Jack London Gateway Senior Housing worked on a mural project with students at CCA in 2013.