About Us

East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation is a nonprofit community development organization celebrating 40 years of building healthy, vibrant and safe neighborhoods in Oakland and the greater East Bay. We develop and manage high quality affordable apartments and homes, retail spaces for local small businesses and community centers, while fostering increased economic opportunities for low-income families and individuals. These comprehensive programs help families and individuals begin a path toward financially security and access the resources they need to lead healthy, stable and fulfilling lives.

Read more about our Healthy Neighborhoods approach and our shift to adopting a health-based perspective to community development.

Since 1975, we have invested more than $200 million in assets that have had substantial physical and social impact in the community, including a total of 2,046 homes and more than 300,000 square feet of commercial space that bring street-level vitality and critical services to our neighborhoods. Our Neighborhood and Economic Development programs serve 4,000 low-income people annually, through resident services at our buildings, financial education and counseling, youth and senior programming, and free tax preparation and assistance.


Our Mission, Vision & Values


Emphasizing our historic and continuing commitment to Asian and Pacific Islander communities, EBALDC works with and for all the diverse populations of the East Bay to build healthy, vibrant and safe neighborhoods through community development.

We envision that everyone in Oakland and the East Bay can live in a safe and affordable home, and that every neighborhood provides opportunities that enable people to live long, healthy lives, regardless of income or ethnic background.


Collaboration - We achieve more by building strong partnerships with people, organizations, and businesses to accomplish neighborhood goals.

Respect - We value each person and honor diversity in all its forms. We listen skillfully to each other and the community.

Leadership - We take initiative and set a high bar for what is possible in community development. We encourage others to be examples and problem solvers in their communities.

Accountability - We take responsibility for our work, honor our commitments, and make sound financial decisions for the health and benefit of the community.

Passion - We are driven by our commitment to our mission and vision, and we are deeply invested in our communities.