Housing Development

EBALDC has adopted a new, neighborhood-focused housing development strategy. Through this strategy, we look at the development of housing through the lens of health to create homes that lead to greater wellbeing for the area. Though we have been developing affordable housing for decades, this new perspective has allowed us to be more strategic in how we build and more intentional about community amenities that create Healthy Neighborhoods. We are focused on the San Pablo Area Corridor in West Oakland, Havenscourt in East Oakland, and Chinatown.


EBALDC continues to modernize and renovate existing buildings in its current portfolio, improving the sense of health, vibrancy, and safety within our homes.


EBALDC provides real estate development and financial consulting services to strategic partners to create valuable assets and services in the neighborhoods that we serve. Our goal is to work with organizations that provide access to food, education, healthcare and other critical services to address their long-term facility needs. Examples include expansion of the East Oakland Youth Development Center, new Oakland offices for the Greenlining Institute, and a new grocery market to be operated by People’s Community Market.

Housing Acquisition Fund (HAF)

EBALDC is working to address the housing crisis in Oakland by acquiring existing multifamily properties in Oakland and stabilizing the rents for current residents. This new program is designed to preserve housing that is currently affordable, and stabilize existing rents to prevent large rent increases so that residents have the option to stay in their homes.