East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation (EBALDC) is a non-profit community development organization with over 40 years of experience in building healthy, vibrant and safe neighborhoods in Oakland and East Bay. We address the specific needs of individual neighborhoods by connecting the essential elements of health and wellbeing through our Healthy Neighborhoods Approach.

EBALDC is known for developing and managing diverse, mixed-income complexes and communities, while providing vital social and financial services, to help give long-time, low-income residents the ability to stay in their neighborhoods. We know Oakland well and invest deeply in our neighborhoods. We recognize and build upon the assets unique to each community to inform and establish thoughtful partnerships that will address the social factors impacting a neighborhood’s health and wellbeing.  This comprehensive perspective helps families and individuals begin a path toward healthy, stable and fulfilling lives in a holistic, sustainable way.


Emphasizing our historic and continuing commitment to Asian and Pacific Islander communities, EBALDC works with and for all the diverse populations of the East Bay to build healthy, vibrant and safe neighborhoods through community development.


We envision that everyone in Oakland and the East Bay can live in a safe and affordable home, and that every neighborhood provides opportunities that enable people to live long, healthy lives, regardless of income or ethnic background.



We achieve more by building strong partnerships with people, organizations, and businesses to accomplish neighborhood goals.


We value each person and honor diversity in all its forms. We listen skillfully to each other and the community. We will continue to deepen our capacity to approach our work through the lenses of equity, inclusion and cultural humility.


We take initiative and set a high bar for what is possible in community development. We encourage others to be examples and problem solvers in their communities.


We take responsibility for our work, honor our commitments, and make sound financial decisions for the health and benefit of our communities.


We are driven by our commitment to our mission and vision, and we are deeply invested in our communities.

Social Determinants of Health

EBALDC builds partnerships with organizations who are leaders in providing services to low-income residents in our target neighborhoods. We seek to align our efforts to make measurable progress on mutually agreed upon goals.


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To find out more about our work, read our Healthy Neighborhoods Approach.