Seeking Qualified Architects for Innovative, Health-Based Development in West Oakland

Apr 1, 2016


EBALDC is excited to announce that we are seeking qualifications from architects for the design of a mixed-use affordable housing development at 34th & San Pablo Avenue.

The project site is strategically located at one end of the San Pablo Avenue Corridor, one of the neighborhoods where EBALDC is piloting our Healthy Neighborhoods framework.  Beyond simply building housing, EBALDC’s goal is for the 34th & San Pablo development to be deeply and meaningfully informed by community engagement and EBALDC’s desire to positively impact the social determinants of health.

EBALDC expects this project to “go beyond the four walls of the building,” for example, connecting the design of the building to transit improvements, or making design decisions that are informed by a body of research about resident health.

EBALDC intends on utilizing aspects of a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) in the development process to inform design decisions that will lead to measurable positive health outcomes.  HIAs apply evidence about health impacts to inform decision making which will improve health and well-being in a specific project.  The Architect is expected to be a key player in the HIA process and to incorporate recommendations from this process into the design and construction of the development.

Responses to this RFQ are due April 29, 2016.